How Can The Fertile Body Method Help?

The FBM can help enhance fertility by:
Reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation
Restoring physical, mental and emotional balance and wellbeing
Balance can be restored through relaxation, positive cognitive changes, visualisation and changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle
Restoring hormonal balance, regulating the natural balance in the autonomic nervous system, regulating and restoring healthy immune system function
Creating balance in the body can be further enhanced by creating balance in thinking. Decreasing negative self talk and excessive worry will help restore emotional and physical balance and ensure that these changes are maintained.
Identifying and resolving issues which may be preventing conception (unconscious or conscious resistance).
Preparing the couple for conception by helping them:
to make necessary changes to lifestyle, diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise habits
to feel confident and ready for parenthood
to Improve intimacy and sexual relationship (for natural conception)
restore menstrual health, or sperm mobility and count
prepare for IVF or other fertility treatment.
Providing support:
Teaching self help tools that continue to enhance fertility
To maintain the changes they have made
Supporting the couple if they do conceive, to help carry the baby to full term
Supporting the couple if treatment fails
Supporting them to make decisions about fertility treatments and other options for parenthood
It can help by addressing and reducing the effects of infertility

People who have problems conceiving may experience a reduced sense of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and leave them feeling stressed, frustrated, angry, jealous, guilty, hopeless, anxious or depressed. It can affect their work, friendships, family and relationships.

The FBM can help to reduce the negative effects of infertility by:
Restoring self esteem and self worth
Working through emotions e.g. anger, jealousy, guilt, stress, anxiety and depression
Building coping skills and developing inner resources
Ensuring their needs are being met
Resolving relationship problems (partner, family and friends)
Increasing sexual Intimacy and affection
Restoring trust in one's body
Reducing the negative effects of fertility treatment medication
Restoring the body to good health after medical treatments
Providing emotional support and an opportunity to talk openly
Processing any death and loss
Coming to terms with infertility