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Creating Menstrual Health Workshop with Alternatives in London

28th May 2011 10am - 6pm

Menstrual Health Workshop in LondonDiscover a transformative new approach to healing wellbeing based on the power of your menstrual cycle

Facilitators: Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

  • Do you find menstruation a hassle or feel at war with your body?
  • Do you suffer with menstrual problems such as pain, PMS, heavy bleeding, endometriosis or PCOS?
  • Would you like to learn a new approach to healing your symptoms
  • Do want to discover a personal development journey custom made for you?

In this flagship workshop Alexandra and Sjanie introduce you to a new way of understanding yourself as a woman that is deeply healing and liberating. When a woman understands the natural power of her menstrual cycle—physically, psychologically and spiritually—she unlocks an inner resource that transforms her relationship with herself, one that is kinder and more responsive.

In this experiential and highly informative workshop you will learn how to restore your connection to the intelligence and creative resources of the cycle and use this knowledge to heal symptoms and experience a new feeling of power and possibility.


The workshop is for any woman who:

  • Suffers from menstrual problems
  • Wants to make peace with her body as a woman
  • Is a on personal and spiritual development journey
  • Is a counsellor, coach, psychotherapist or health professional


Details for the workshop

The workshop costs £85

Hosted by Alternatives

All bookings to be made through Alternatives

What happens in the workshop

The day introduces you to the psychological and spiritual dynamic of the menstrual cycle. In particular we explore, through exercises and engaged dialogue, the different power phases, or inner seasons, of the cycle.

Learning about the power of the cycle can transform how you live and what you do—it's like opening a door to whole new world of inner knowledge, creativity and wellbeing.

Each workshop we run surprises and inspires us. It is as though we are co-creatively unlocking a wisdom that's been hidden for too long, and each women holds a piece of that emerging story.

One of the commonest cries that comes up from women after a workshop or talk is “why didn’t I know about this before?”, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this when I was younger?” They feel a lot of grief, as though they have been cheated of something quite fundamental to them as women. Please don’t be one of those women. Come to the workshop and remember again this knowledge. It will be familiar to you. And then you can help other women to wake up sooner. 


How it will help you to heal

If you suffer from menstrual problems you may wonder how this will help heal your symptoms. In fact we regard this as the first step in healing, and that is why we teach it before anything else. Apart from being inspiring and dignifying, understanding and working with the power of the cycle reduces stress considerably. Stress is a key culprit in the back of any menstrual problem. Cooperating with the cycle will also give you insight into your problems, and transform your relationship to yourself, making it easier to do the many other health practices that we also advise. Cycle wisdom alone eases symptoms. But don’t take it from us. Do read some of the feedback below.

You'll also come away with a handout with lots of other information on how to heal your symptoms. We have extensive knowledge and experience of self–care practices and other natural therapies for healing, which we love to share. So please pick our brains about your specific condition during the workshop. 



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Here are the words of a number of women from recent workshops and talks

I just wanted to write and thank you both again for a fantastic, eye (and more importantly) heart opening day. Now that I'm home, I can't believe how different I feel. I sense that a massive shift has occurred in me, and I feel happy, free and excited to explore myself as a woman.

I have been carrying A LOT of tension in my back and shoulders for years that no massage has ever been able to fully shift. And...its now gone! I literally can't believe it. I feel that the work today has really opened something up in me - what seems to make sense to me is that I'm now free to begin life again as a new woman free from some sort of past shame or repression I have been harbouring around that fact for many many years. ER, Web Editor, Creating Menstrual Health, London, 2010

I absolutely LOVED the seminar...you are SO SO gifted and it is so obvious that you really CARE for each individual.....I came to your course for health reasons but left emotionally healed in so many ways....it was like a piece of the puzzle that was missing was found." L. B. Teacher, London, 2010

I have been amazed at the wonderful things that have been happening to me with this new awareness of my cycle.  Marisa Findlay, Brighton, Feb 2010

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for the wonderful knowledge and experience which I gained from attending your workshop last Saturday in Brighton. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I booked my place but I can tell you that it exceeded all my expectations and I know that my friends who attended felt the same way. Since Saturday I have been filled with new energy, hope, inspiration and power. I seem to be getting more out of each day and feel happier and thankful to be alive and in charge of my destiny and life choices. So thank you. Something has definitely shifted Cherith Loane Brighton Feb 2010

The workshop content, the skillful facilitation of it, listening to other woman experiences guided me to have profound insights, and I would say that this was the case for the whole group. You threaded together your deep knowledge for this subject with humour, compassion and a contagious passion. A big heartfelt thank you….the next day after the workshop I felt really optimistic about how to manage my life more efficiently and at the same time connect with my inner wisdom and power. Just one day of exploring my cycle brought me to this place - powerful stuff! I feel like I have returned home!  Sundari Falconer, 33 years, mother and Structural Yoga Therapist, Bath 2010

Thank you for the wonderful workshop you held in Brighton.  I came to the meeting with irregular and painful periods and since then I have been charting my cycles on a wheel, I have colored in the days according to my emotions which has been a welcome change to documenting every single symptom like aches and pains and spots. I am beginning to see when I am most creative and sociable and am taking it much easier when it comes to my period.  I have had 3, 27 day cycles in a row and am menstruating around the time of the new moon. With the help of a wonderful herbalist friend, I resisted painkillers for the first time with my last period. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me lift the curse. R B, Nutritional Therapist, Brighton 2010

Heather (not her real name) came to a workshop after having suffered with very bad period pain for many years. She had her period that day of the workshop but didn’t take any painkillers as she would normally do. Amazingly, she had no pain all day. Here is her story 3 months after the workshop:

“I used to take ibuprofen regularly throughout the first day of my period.

On the last 2 periods I’ve taken the ibuprofen immediately as a precautionary measure—however after that haven’t needed any more which is so much better. It still feels a bit uncomfortable and wearing on first day but not sufficiently painful to warrant any thing after the initial ibuprofen. However I was so confident after not taking any ibuprofen all day at your workshop (even initially), which is really unheard of for me – so not sure what happened. 

At the moment I struggle with being single and childless and menstruation becomes a reminder that circumstances or myself in someway have never allowed it to be fruitful.  The past pain used to over-ride any viewing of it as a productive process. The pain has affected my personal and professional life. Because it can’t be fruitful, I view my menstruation as an inconvenience however I know I will be sad when the door finally shuts on it. I have to accept my age (48) and find other purposes in life. Anyway, I am very grateful to you for providing the guidance and means to discuss & perhaps I can slowly move forward into a new purpose. “ HW, administrator, UK 2010

I attended one of your classes in London and I found it the most wonderful experience I have ever had, why had no one told me this before? I have suffered a lot with my periods so much so that I was put on the pill for a whole year and experienced feelings of numbness in my body. When I came off the pill I was very sick. After attending your course and picking up your book The Pill – I soon realised the stresses I put my life under were crying out to me in my Autumn and I was ignoring these. Now I am off the pill – Yessss -and for the first time in ages husband does the ironing and the housework – I just chill and really slow down and it feels great. At the moment I am coming into Winter and just the other day I felt it that wonderful feeling like I was floating. I didn’t get sick, have a headache or feel drained because I chilled. Thank you, without your help I think I would have been in hospital by now but you have changed me as a woman and now I intend to spread the word. I will continue to experience this wonderful feeling of the cycle and look after me. Wendy Ross, Clinical Hypnotherapist, 2010

I want to thank you for such a fantastic workshop. I have been making such good progress in many aspects of my life. I feel like I am so much more in tune with my body, and like I have surrendered, listening to my body giving it what it needs, and this is such a liberating feeling. Every cycle, the day before I menstruate I have a sleepless night. For years I have spent that night fretting that I am not getting the sleep I need and want, and frustrated in how much pain I am feeling. Now I cherish these nights, look forward to them even, as I am flooded with creative ideas. I now leave a sketchbook on the side and jot down many ideas. I don't worry about the sleep I am not getting on this night any more as I know that I can catch up on that in the coming week (as I now know that it is more than okay to take it easy, have an early night when menstruating). Instead of feeling like I am giving in to anything I feel like this is a huge privilege and enjoy taking the time out for me. As for the pain it is still there very much so, but I am practising to relax and breath through the pain instead of my instinctive reaction with is to cramp up holding every muscle with tension and hold my breath. This technique of breathing through it seems to be working, the pain may still be there but I feel okay, not so distressed by it.  Carli Anne Warner, teacher, London, May 2010

I am putting on a play. WOW. Hurrah. You were right. My ‘winter’ has an equal and opposite ‘summer’. I am riding my massive emotions and facing my block. I am using the cycle map to read my reactions. I am also trying to use the cycle to feyness my writing. I have written this show for myself and when i want an ingredient in the show I write at the right time. I wanted a bit more sex so I wrote when i was ovulating. I wanted to contact the character's anger so I wrote when I felt a progestrone dump after ovulating. I haven't fully accepted my depression yet but I am riding it. I am trying not to judge it and letting all the tears flow. I try and arrange all my 'out there' meetings in the spring for softness and summer for power. And if I have to do a meeting in the lead up to my period I allow myself crying time. I have found that I can make great decisions and choice however uncomfortable I feel. My sweet companion, truth, is just beneath those tears and she knows the answer to absolutely everything. If I can fall back in to her arms and trust her she will catch me and take over. I was looking for a venue for my show 1-2 days before I bled and I felt so out there and unsafe in some of the venues. I didn’t even think I would make it to the stage. I found a moment for myself and began to cry with despair. I was caught by myself mid whimper and began to dial the number of my ‘number one choice’ venue. Quietly and gently, with absolute certainty I negotiated an amazing honest real deal with the venue owner. I am at peace with all aspects of the venue. My truth did that. I usually think to be in business you need to be a ball buster but she (my truth) was so reasonable, warm and honest.  Thank you for your gift.   Judith Chaplin-Fleming, Actor/writer, Melbourne.

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