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The Moon Inside You Documentary in London

Monday 18th October 2010


The documentary The Moon Inside You is the director’s personal journey in which she explores how we, both women and men, experience menstruation and what it says about our western society.

Alexandra Pope, a featured expert in the documentary, will be holding a discussion with Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer after the screening. Alexandra is co-author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you? (Orion 2009) and Sjanie is author of The Fertile Body Method: a practitioner’s manual (Crownhouse, 2009).

This evening is a chance to explore a vital topic for women’s wellbeing at all levels. Open to women and men, and particularly parents of daughters approaching puberty, health practitioners, therapists and any woman suffering with menstrual problems or wanting to feel more empowered.


Times: Starting at 6:30pm and finishing at 9:30pm

Price: The documentary costs  £5 (Unfortunately No under 18’s as the venue is licenced)

Tickets:Tickets available at the door, come early to avoid disappointment.

Venue: Moors Bar, 57 Park Road, Crouch End, London N8 8SY
Tube: Highgate (Northern Line), Finsbury Park (Victoria, Piccadilly Lines)
Bus: W7, W3, 144, 41, 91


What other people have said:

Attended screening of 'The Moon Inside You' thanks to a friend I met that afternoon who said 'come along' - very glad I did. The film is very well put together, right balance of funny, incredible, shocking, silly, sweet and touching. I bought a copy with plans to hold screenings of my own! Then decided to attend the workshop being held that weekend by Alexandra and Sjanie. That was great, until it wasn’t, I experienced a great deal of personal resistance on the two days leading up to the DAY. I did go, after faffing about till the last possible minute at home - and still got there early. (The universe was not subtle that weekend, no last minute babysitting problems, no traffic issues, we had amazingly been paid enough so that I could justify the expense and there would be someone I knew there - and the sun was beaming down, gilt edged all the way!!) So it was only natural to be nervous, it was going to be powerful stuff.I am still absorbing and processing the beginning of what we did that day. I am very grateful to our lovely facilitators, who held the space so elegantly for us, and with such compassion and joy. I am grateful too to all of the brave women who came to Oscailt that day and shared some of their stories, and I am grateful to have been heard. I have made an appointment with my GP for tomorrow, I will have the Mirena removed. Thank you Ladies.  Jenny Doyle, Dublin 2010 (blog on womensquest.ning.com)

I discovered your work in London at a screening of “The Moon Inside You” and inspiring Q and A afterwards. Some pennies finally dropped for me while I was listening: firstly the appalling way a psychiatrist tried to manage my depression in my twenties with various versions of the pill, which actually worsened my mood swings. Fortunately I took the decision not to take the pill on an ongoing basis back then and am glad of this decision now, having heard how disruptive it can be to women’s bodies and souls. Secondly, after a particularly emotionally challenging premenstrual time recently, I recognised my vulnerability (which I know very well) but for the first time I felt the power and guts to face difficult issues, situations and people in my life, as well as the strength to detach enough to act. I had never experienced this before – so this has been a revelation! If I could just harness that power every month and let it work for me constructively, I could make so much space for creating new things in my life. Today, the first day of my cycle, I feel as if I’m ready for a new challenge, which happened to present itself just this evening. Now that I have the guide, I’m hoping that “The Woman’s Quest” will help me to reveal even more insights. A.J., London, 2010

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