The Fertile Body Method - A Practitioner's Manual by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
The applications of hypnosis and other mind-body approaches for fertility
by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Fertile Body Method combines hypnosis and other mind-body approaches to help identify and address the mental, emotional and physical factors which affect fertility and reduce the negative effects of infertility. This book is a manual for health practitioners and contains the six stages of the Fertile Body Method , which can be used to study, understand and work with all the different aspects of fertility problems.

The Woman's Quest Workbook by Alexandra Pope
A 13 session self-guiding course.
by Alexandra Pope

Discover, reclaim and deepen into the amazing spiritual resources of your cyclical body. Revel in the blessings that come from connection to female paths to power and wisdom.

Taking you on a journey of revelation, love, healing, power and wisdom gathering.

The Fertile Body Method: IVF Companion
A CD for women who are undergoing IVF treatment, Frozen Cycles or Egg Donation.
by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

A CD for women who are undergoing IVF treatment, Frozen Cycles or Egg Donation.

The Primal Image
Illuminate your unconscious relationship to menstruation
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Primal Image meditation will allow you to look a little more deeply into your unconscious relationship with menstruation. This meditation will help to reveal your current beliefs, perceptions and physical experiences of menstruation.

The Inner Seasons Meditation
Explore the phases of your cycle
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Welcome to The Inner Seasons Meditation during which you can explore the qualities of the different phases of your cycle, so that you can learn how to co-operate with them and utilise the full potential they offer.

Healing Green Light Relaxation
Boost your health and wellbeing with deep hypnotic relaxation
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Stress prevents the natural healing process and can lessen our ability to deal with difficult situations. Regular deep relaxation helps your body and mind to work more effectively and creates the conditions needed for healing to occur.

Connect with your body and enhance your fertility
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Conception is a relaxing visualisation to support your mind and body to conceive and have a healthy baby.  It is for women who want to enhance their fertility and are trying to conceive naturally. It can also be used by anyone taking fertility drugs (e.g. Clomid) or undergoing IUI (Intra-uterine Insemination) treatment.

Calm - Fertile Body Programme
hypnosis and mind-body medicine for fertility
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Calm – Fertile Body Programme includes 3 self hypnosis mp3's and an workbook (pdf) that together will help you address the negative effect that your fertility problem has been having on how you think and feel. You will learn excellent skills for significantly reducing stress and positively affecting how you think and feel so that you can become calm and at feel at peace with yourself and your situation. 

The aim of this album is to induce calm and support you to be at peace with your current situation. This is one of the foundations for emotional well-being and enhanced fertility. It’s an excellent place to start. 

Deep Relaxation for Fertility - a guided hypnosis session
Created by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

This guided hypnosis session is designed to help you enter a deep state of relaxation. When your mind and body relax in this way, you create the ideal conditions to restore balance to your mind and body.