The Woman's Quest Workbook by Alexandra Pope

A 13 session self-guiding course.

by Alexandra Pope


Discover, reclaim and deepen into the amazing spiritual resources of your cyclical body. Revel in the blessings that come from connection to female paths to power and wisdom.

Taking you on a journey of revelation, love, healing, power and wisdom gathering, The Woman’s Quest will guide you to:

• Experience greater personal authority and sense of meaning
• Heighten your intuitive and psychic ability
• Clarify your calling and connection to the World
• Feel the grace of inspiration and renewal
• Enter a greater sense of oneness and beauty
• Feel more anchored in your own inner guidance system
• Experience a delicious affirmation of yourself as a woman
• Deepen trust in life
• Enjoy natural ecstatic states
• And, for those of you who suffer with menstrual problems, healing.

Embodying cyclical consciousness and the power of the feminine, this is an intelligent and creative 13 menstrual month spiritual journey in which the individual and the world are intimately interwoven.

The Woman's Quest Workbook by Alexandra Pope
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