Personalised Self Hypnosis CD

If you are unable to see Sjanie in person in London or if you are looking for a cost effective way to enhance your fertility and or support your IVF treatment, you would benefit from ordering a personalised CD.

The personalised self hypnosis CD costs £80

This includes a half hour telephone or skype consultation with Sjanie and a personalised self hypnosis CD which will be tailor-made for you and posted to your home. During the half hour consultation, Sjanie will ask you a few questions to find out about your current situation and what may be beneficial for you. After the consultation she will record you a personalised 20 minute self hypnosis meditation which you can then listen to regularly in your own time.

Personalised CD's are also available to help with any other difficulties you may be having such as; stress and anxiety, habit breaking, diet and public speaking.

To order a personalised CD, email Payment can be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer.

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Price: £80
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