Infertility Support Group Swindon

First meeting will be on the 22nd February 2018 & then monthly every Thursday evening


People are often really private about having fertility problems and they haven’t told anyone else about the issue. When they attend a support group they may, for the first time ever, find themselves in a room full of people who all know how it feels not to be able to get pregnant, who all understand the mixed emotions when a friend announces she is expecting a baby, who all dread those questions about when they were going to get round to starting a family.

A Support Group provides an environment of safety and acceptance where individuals can learn skills and resources to empower themselves, share their experiences, discuss advice they have been given and, even sometimes laugh at some of the things that have happened to them along the way. The simple act of coming together can feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Contact Information

Phone Linda on 07708 961 073 or click here for more information.

I also have a Facebook support group which you can join here.

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