Welcome to the Fertile Mind, Fertile Body website. Our website has information and resources for couples and therapists who are interested in how hypnosis and other mind-body approaches can be used to help people who have fertility problems, have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or are undergoing medical treatments such as IVF.

The Fertile Body Method Online Training Programme For Therapists

The Fertile Body Method Online Training for therapists is designed to help you learn the FBM and develop the skills needed to apply the techniques and approaches successfully with fertility clients. The training combines theoretical, practical and reflective components as well as group webinars and one-to-one support.

Self Hypnosis CD's and MP3's for Fertility

Self Hypnosis CD's and MP3 hypnosis downloads for unexplained infertility, reducing stress, enhancing IVF and creating menstrual health are available to buy in the online shop.

Personalised self hypnosis CD's

Get a personalised self hypnosis CD to naturally enhance your fertility, support IVF or create deep relaxation. Personalised self hypnosis CD's are available to treat any condition such as; stress and anxiety, addictions, diet and fear of public speaking.

The Fertile Body Method training for therapists

The Fertile Body Method training for therapists is a 3 day course which covers the six stages of treatment for working with fertility and related conditions. This year the course will be held in London, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal and Brighton.

Online register of therapists

There are qualified Fertile Body Method therapists available throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Portugal and in South Africa. To find a therapist who is equipped to help you enhance your fertility and deal with the effects of infertility using hypnosis and mind-body approaches, visit the Fertile Body Therapist Register.

Links and recommended therapists

A wide variety of factors influence fertility, and for this reason it is important to approach treatment in a holistic way. The list of recommended therapists in London can help you find an excellent therapist who is experienced in working with fertility problems.

One to one sessions

One to one sessions with Sjanie are tailored for your individual needs, using a combination of hypnosis, solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural approaches and other mind-body techniques.

Telephone/Skype coaching sessions

If you have had fertility problems and would like to have a one to one session with Sjanie but don't live in London, you can arrange to have telephone/skype coaching sessions instead of seeing her in person.

Fertility treatment package

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or undergoing medical treatment such as IUI, ICSI or IVF you could benefit from a 'Fertility treatment package' which includes 6 one hour sessions and a free personalised self hypnosis CD.